I need help with turning!

Upon looking for free beginners’ level patterns on the web, I kept coming across patterns that instruct you to “turn” at the end of a row. Does this mean switching from English to Continental, or vice versa? I know it is probably really simple, but since I could not find a picture of what this entails, I am having trouble figuring out both how to do it, and what exactly it’s purpose is. Please help! If you want to see one of the patterns I am referring to, please visit: http://knitting.about.com/library/blcloth18.htm

Hi beckylynn13,

When you get to the point in the pattern when it says “turn”, you do exactly as it says and turn your work around to the other side. It doesn’t matter that there is still one stitch on the needle. You just leave that stitch there and turn your work onto its other side and knit back according to the pattern. Everytime the pattern says to “turn”, just turn your work around so that the right needle becomes your left needle and keep on following the pattern.

Hope that made sense. :slight_smile:

Good luch with your pattern (it’s very cute!) :smiley: