I need help with this

The last part of this pattern instructs the knitter to lay work on the floor and pull out the five knit stitches to reveal a edge?!?!?!

I don’t get it and im scared to do it.

Can anyone shed some light on this for me??


There’s no BO, instead you knit the last 5 sts and secure the last stitch. Then drop those 5 sts off the needle and unravel them. This forms the fringe all along the edge. Try it.

ooooo why didn’t they say it like that??? So i don’t need to tie strange knots as I go? Just drop them off the needle and watch them run?

Just tie a knot in the last stitch of the 6 that you’re left with.

omg! That’s not so bad…ill probably check in again before i start ripping out all my hard work! Ill need the moral support. Thanks for your help:)

im lucky to be a part of such a great support system:):grphug:

ok so im done knitting this thing. I tye off the last stitch pull out the needle and the problem starts…

How am i supposed to unravel them? im just tugging on them and they’re coming unraveled but i don’t see any fringe. it just looks like it’ll be one big loose string. And i know what a overhand knot is (thank you google)but i have no idea what im supposed to be tying off? I wish it had come with pics of this process because i totally don’t get it. I know I already got help but i need some extra if you could.
I don’t want to ruin it!
Thanks everyone

You should be unravelling the 5 edge sts; it’ll be a long loop. I don’t thing you tie off any except the 6th stitch that you worked on the last row - k5, k1 - just tie off the last one and take your needles out of the 5 knit sts.

Thanks again for you help with this. The pattern says “working a overhand knot and tying each loop off as you go” or something to that affect. If i unravel all the stitches the edge will be gone and it’ll just be one big long string wont it?i just don’t see how it’ll make a edge…

Frills be damned. I just bound the silly thing off and it looks cool.
Now im off to finish my mitts and continue on with my Xmas list.
Sorry:( Your probably dissapointed in me. Thank you again for your help:)

Ohhhh, I think I get it, it’s on me for not reading clearly. I’ve thought about making this one for years, so I haven’t looked at it in a while.

Last row, k5, fasten off the last stitch. Now unravel those 5 sts over 2 rows so you have a piece of looped yarn. Make a knot in it next to the sts of the shawl so they don’t start looping too. Then unravel the next 2 rows and tie it off next to the sts. Or you can unravel several rows and tie each loop.