I need help with this ? Want to make it smaller for Child!

I will Post this pattern its from my MOMs old 1960’s file.


Not sure I think this is womans sizes??

It goes like this needles from size #10 for sizes 4-6
#10 1/2 or #11 for size 8-10
#13 for size 12-14

Cast on 136 stitches Loosely.
1st row Purl 68 stitches place marker Purl to end of row.
2nd row knit 1 knit 2 tog knit to within 2 stitches of marker and knit those 2 tog, slip marker knit next 2 tog knit to within last 3 stitches knit 2 tog knit 1.
3rd row Purl

Repeat row 2 and 3 until 58 rows there will be 20 stitches left on needle
knit 1 purl1 in ribbing for 1 inch or desired length for neck. Bind off loosely on ribbing.

Make other side the same.

Sew side seams together …

Cut 10 " strips of yarn … Join 3 together and form fringe.

I so Hope many of you will enjoy this Pattern MOM is gone now and Id love to see it made by all who know how to knit.

My Mom as I remember made many beautiful Ponchos in the pattern its easy…

I just cant figure how to make it child size… There were vague indications but nothing solid… Moms notes Bless her heart IN Heaven…

Thanks so much Joanne
Any and all help would be appreciated


Sorry I’m so busy, or I’d put my mind to it! No time… Good luck Joanne.


Thanks Amy.

Just think of me if you have a minute… I was born in Boston raised in NH then married a sailor and moved to VA… thanks Joanne

Happy and Blessed Easter to all Joanne


Are there any finished mesasurements in your Mom’s notes? We could probably scale from there.