I need help with this cap pattern

I would like to knit this cap for xmax Knitonthenet.com It called the little red cap. am noUndo the provisional cast-on and transfer the live stitches to the circular needle. Now, working together one stitch from each needle, knit the round. (The circular needle with the CO stitches should be behind the stitches that you have just knit, so that the tighter band of fabric knit with the 4.5mm (US needles is behind the looser band. Working 1 stitch from each needle together all the way round, you are knitting 2 stitches together, effectively deleting the live stitches from the provisional CO and sealing the tube of fabric.)

t sure what to do here if someone could help me am new at this hope i did it right.

First off if you are not familiar with the provisional cast on here (http://www.knittingatknoon.com/ProvCaston.mpg) is a pretty simple one from Knitting at Knoon.

After you have done the required 17 rounds, you should remove the stitches (a couple at a time) placing them on a second needle. Once you have all the stitches onto the second needle you should knit the top and bottom together with a third needle similar to a three needle bind off. http://www.knittinghelp.com/videos/casting-off (Scroll down to the bottom for Amy’s video demonstration). Only make sure the smooth “V” side of the stockinette is facing outward.