I need help with Short Rows

I working on a pattern that reads-

Knit 50, turn work Sl then knit 119 turn work S1-

Continue in this manner until there are 11 stitches between needles.

I cast on 368 stitches and I not getting 11 stitches. Have contacted designer and she has offered no help.

Pattern states I need to knit 5 stitches before eor.

Does that mean 6 stitches from Slipped Stitch or 5 ?

Help Help Help

Can you give us a link to the pattern or a patter name?
I don’t see the pattern yet in the rows you’ve quoted so I’m not sure whether getting to 11sts is correct or not. With most patterns, if you’re close to 11sts, you should be ok but that depends on what you’re making.
Five sts before the end of row is just that. Five sts remaining on the left hand needle. If it’s part of the short row, turn, slip a stitch from the now left hand needle to the right and continue. The slipped stitch would have been the 6th stitch before the eor.

Hi Mendles, would you please edit your post to delete the pattern? It’s a violation of copyright to post substantial portions of patterns including paid patterns.

I think I deleted it properly-

Many thanks for the edit. That seems to have done it.
It’s end of round and I would just continue until you get close to the 11sts that the pattern asks for. You can always adjust a stitch more or less on some of the later short rows with the target of 11sts in mind.

Thank You for your help!