I need help with Roll Raglan sweater:

I’m getting ready to decrease for the arm holes on the Roll Raglan Sweater I’m doing.
It says…
“End having just purled a row. Bind off 1 st at beginning of next 2 rows for underarm. Begin decreasing for raglan armholes as follows:
[color=red]Row 1: Knit across row until 4 sts remain, K2 tog TBL (Through Back Loop), K2.[/color]
Row 2: Purl across row until 4 sts remain, P2 tog, P2.”

I have ended a purl row as it said to do. Now am I reading this right? I Bind off 1 st. Do I have a bind off right??? I knit one and then knit another and pass the first stitch I knitted over the second and then I continue with what is in red? I then Bind off 1 st on the second row the same way or is there a different bind off because I’m doing purl now?
I was going to wait until Tuesday for my class BUT I’ve waiting now three days and I have to get back to knitting. :slight_smile:
I should have two projects going.
Thanks so much,

Hi Susie,

What you have there are actually instructions for 4 rows.

Row 1: Bind off 1 stitch at beginning, finish row in pattern (This is a knit row)
Row 2: Bind off 1 stitch at beginning, finish row in pattern (This is a purl row)

Row 3: (your Row 1 in red)
Row 4: ( your row 2)

Yes, bind off is knit 2 and pass 1st stitch over 2nd and off needles.
You can do this either knitwise or purlwise depending on which row you’re on.

Hope this helps :thumbsup:

Happy Knitting :XX: :XX:


I’m sure glad I didn’t just bull right into it like I normally do. I would have been frogging forever. :slight_smile:
I read your reply embarrassingly many times and thought “that can’t be right”. LOL. Then I read it some more and finally after a long dark time the light bulb went off.
Thanks so much for you taking the time to help me.
Now the ‘guts’ to start. LOL,