I need help with pocket lining pattern instructions please

I am working on a vogue knitting pattern #27. Fall issue 2008. It is a hooded Cable Coat. There’s not a link i can add because i had to buy this pattern to view it. i’m so sorry. i can only post the section of the pattern i am on and ask my question and cross my fingers some one out there can help me.
I am on the Beg pocket lining section.
this section is after the bottom ribbing and after an increase row.

the pattern reads
next row: p1 beg with st 2 of chart, work thru st 24. then rep 0 times end with st 25 on all sizes, sl the rem 42 sts to a st holder to be worked later (for outer pocket).
this i understood and did.
the next row was confusing

next row (ws) cast on 44 sts, then k1 , beg with st 25 of chart work to end of row. There are 69 sts.
i am assuming you cast 44 stitches onto the needle that has stitches on it and not onto the stitches i put onto the stitch holder? which i did.
so now on my needle there is 25 worked stitches from ribbing and increase. Then 44 cast on stitches after those 25 ending at needle tip.
it then says K1, beg with st 25 of chart work to end of row there are 69 sts.

was i supposed to cast on 44 stitches to the second needle and not the needle that had stitches already on it? and then as i work pattern end up combining two parts of one row together to one needle?

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This is the cozy hooded cable coat, I think.
You should cast on the 44sts onto the needle that has the live 25sts on it (total 69sts). Then you work the wrong side row on the 44sts which are nearest the tip of the needle in your left hand and continue on with the adjoining 25sts.

This project shows a nice view of the pockets and the pattern although I’m not sure which size it is: