I need help with instructions

Hi all!

I am stumped on instructions on a debbie bliss pattern. working on the hood of a baby sweater and instructions say “work k2 13 times across 28 sts on back neck holder” resulting in a total of 41 stitches from the original 28 sts. i understand i am increasing but i’m not sure how they want me to increase. does this make sense to anyone?

Much appreciation for any input.

Mary Beth

Either k2, m1 or k1, kfb across the 28 sts.

Thank you so much suzeeq. it’s strange that this pattern didn’t specify exactly what to do when it specifies everything else. i’m new to knitting and my biggest problem is usually assuming something in the pattern rather than just following the instructions. I guess i was supposed to assume here. Thanks again and have a great Sunday.

As long as the incs are evenly spaced and add up to the correct number, do whatever you think works.