I need help with dishcloth I'm doing

[color=blueviolet]I’m doing the bass dishcloth from here:
I’m on Row 10 and it says K4 then K14…why didn’t they just say K18? Could it be a misprint and they meant P14?
She does the same thing in most of the other rows too. Could it be because every row starts and ends with the K4?
On Row 12 I has (RS)…why would they have that? I mean if I’m due to start on the WS and they want me to do that Row on the RS then the yarn wouldn’t be on the right end…right??? HUM!

The pattern is pretty straightforward. I think she put the k4 at the beginning and end, just to have that be the border. The rows listed as rs and ws are the right and wrong side anyway, but maybe it’s just a checkpoint?

[color=blueviolet]Ok, gotcha. :slight_smile:
Off to knit,