I need help with Baby Jacket

Hi there

i’m knitting for the first time a baby Jacket. I am right now at Neck shaping and it’s confusing for me. I’ll post the patter from the body on so you can see what i mean. It says nothing when i should bind off, or where. I also don’t understand how to do that with the Neck shaping and the Neckband. Can any one please help me with this? I got so far and don’t wanna unraffel everything, just because i don’t understand the rest of te pattern.

Body (worked in one piece to armholes)
CO 98 sts. Work 4 rows in garter stitch.
Keeping first and last 4 stitches in garter stitch, work Rows 1-8 of Pattern Stitch 5 times, eliminating beginning and ending sts and working only the sts from the *.

Divide for armholes as follows:
You may change to a different color here or use the same color.
K23, BO 4 sts, k44, BO 4 sts, k23
Next row: Purl back, placing sleeve sts from holder on needle and placing markers at beginning and end of each sleeve.
Work 4 rows garter stitch.
Next row: Make a buttonhole on garter band and begin armhole decreases as follows:
knit to within 2 stitches of next marker, k2tog through back loop, slip marker, k2tog. Repeat across row.
Next row: purl
Repeat these last 2 rows 6 more times.

Shape Neck
Continuing armhole decreases, place first 4 sts of next 2 rows on holders, then decrease 1 st each end every other row 2 times.

After 12 armhole decreases total have been worked, place remaining stitches on a holder.

Pick up 50 or 51 sts including stitches on holders.
Keeping the first and last 4 in garter stitch make another buttonhole and work about an inch of ribbing.

Sew sleeve seam and underarm. Sew on buttons. Weave in ends on WS

Thank you so much


You don’t BO the neck sts -
“After 12 armhole decreases total have been worked, place remaining stitches on a holder.”

Then pick up stitches around the neck including the ones on the holder, work an inch of ribbing, then of course you have to bind off.

thank you suzee.

Now is those 12 stitches meant for both armholes or only the first one?

Not 12 sts, 12 decrease rows.

ohhhh now i get it duh.
thank you for your help