I need help with ankle sock pattern found on this site

Ok here is the link
I got to the Heel Flap: no prob but then it says

Turn Heel:[/COLOR]
Row 1: k5, sl1, k1, psso, knit to last 7 sts, k2tog, k5.

Row 2 and alt rows: knit all sts.

Repeat these 2 rows until they are 14 (14, 16, 16) sts remaining on the second needle, finishing with row 2.

How am I to know which way to turn?Which needle am I to be working?

I tried to contact the designer but my email just bounced back.

All help will be greatly appreciated

Ok when you “turn” your work, you physically turn it around 90 degrees so that the work you just knit is facing you again and the working yarn is at the end of that spot, then you knit back across the stitches you have just knit. You are working across the needle you have just knit on. A helpful thing would be for you to have a look at Silver’s Sock Tutorial which you can find here.


Good luck with your socks!


With the space needle, pick up 14 (15, 16, 17) sts on the edge of the heel flap. For a clean finish pick sts in the knitted rows, not the purling ones


This is more involved really. It would be much smarter for me to direct you to Silver’s sock class again. She gives detailed instructions on how to pick up heel flap stitches. Her directions are what I uses to learn how to make socks but I think she is much better at describing it than I am.


If you haven’t seen thisbefore you should take a look it will help you tremendously. If you still have questions just ask. Hope that helped. BTW there’s almost always someone in the kal mentioned below if you have more questions.
And feel free to join the Any Sock KAL2 in the knit along thread-we’re 100 some pages in, but we’re a chatty bunch and would love to have another member.

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this has been helpful:muah:

I frogged it all again. Someone needs to make a video of doing a sock the magic loop way lol then I’ll get it I would hope lol :knitting:

I can’t help you there because I’ve never tried ML. I am the old fashioned dpn knitter of socks!