I need help with a yarn substitution

I want to make this http://knitty.com/ISSUEsummer03/PATTeyelet.html , but I cannot find cones of Naturelle Denim anywhere. I am scared to stubstitute cause I don’t want to accidentally make the skirt too heavy or something. Any idea’s?

I would LOVE to make that skirt, but my ample circumfrances fall outside the parameters :verysad:

Anyhoo - have you tried contacting the designer? Maybe you could ask her where she bought the yarn. Or maybe ask her opinion on substitution since she has felt what the skirt is supposed to feel like. Just a thought … :??

That’s a good idea. THanks :slight_smile:

I have ample ASSets also…but I just plan on making the solid part a little longer and wearing it to the park with the kids. I like that it is drawstring, since I am losing weight right now. (I’ll still have junk in the trunk though.