I need help with a pattern

I am knitting a log cabin afghan, working on a 2nd log. I finished a row *k2, sl 2 wyib; repeat from * to end.
The next row reads: *Sl 2 wyif, k2; repl from * to end.
How do I knit the k2 stitches wyif when I am looking at the purl side of the previous k2’s?

Bring yarn to front. Slip two sts. Move yarn to back. Knit two sts.

Front and back do not correlate to RS and WS. Front is the side facing you. Back is the side away from you regardless of whether or not you are working RS/WS.

Thanks for the quick response. I appreciate your help. I thought that might be the thing to do, but it just wasn’t clear, and I’ve never encountered anything like this before.