I need help with a new pattern please

I am starting a new project. Keep in mind I am a new knitter! The instructions say: 1st row k1,yo, to end of row; 2nd row: k1, drop 1, to end . well this is fine but it is a scarf and not turning out right I end up with three stiches. I am doing something wrong PLEASE HELP ME THANKS


real easy: either your pattern is missing something or you are missing something in the pattern.

The pattern needs to start with : cast on (or CO) … stitches. It tells you how many stitches you start with.

Then in row 1 you knit 1, make a yo, then k1 yo and so on, until row 1 is done. Most likely you end up with one knit at the end - and DON’T do a yo at the end, that is not pretty :slight_smile:

the number of stitches will be determining the width of the scarf.
MAYBE there is no number, because the project is not really described? Someone may just have described a pattern for a scarf (the stitch pattern, not the scarf?) Well, if all rows go like this, then do any number you like, you know? This pattern goes in any width.

To add on to what the previous poster said about Row 1 -

You would do the k1, yo, k1 yo, k1, you all the way across your sts, ending with k1. Then on the next row " k1, drop 1, to end" You k1, drop the YO from the previous row, k1, drop the YO, etc, ending with the k1 again. You knit the same sts that were knit on R1, and drop only the YO loops.

Hope that helps.