I need help with a mistake I made.

Hi! I just got a knitting loom for Christmas and have been knitting like a mad woman since and loving it but…I am knitting a baby blanket on a straight loom, (e wrap stitches) and just realized that about 25 rows ago, I accidently knitted one stitch across the opening of the project and don’t know how to fix it without unraveling the 25 rows. Does anyone have any ideas?! 20180206_135459_HDR|1200x899

Most people here hand knit; I think there might be some who use looms. Have you tried any of the hits in this Google search? I’d be glad to help you if I could.

So you connected one row in the round? Is there any way to weave in a strand of yarn on each side of the cut for about 4-5 inches, then cut the yarn connecting the two sides? You could then undo the cut yarn for an inch or 2 and weave it in like an end of yarn.
Sometimes these fixes are so time consuming that it’s faster to just take out the knitting and re-do it. Good luck with the blanket and enjoy the loom!

Thanks for your reply. Not sure that would work but I will certainly consider it.

I did go through the google search. Unfortunately didn’t come across this problem although someone told me this problem was addressed in a serinity loom video I have been unable to find it. Thanks for your reply.

I was with you up until you said “You could then undo the cut yarn for an inch or 2 and weave it in like an end of yarn”. Not 100% sure I understand that part.

I was thinking of it a bit like darning. You would have a new strand uf yarn woven in along the path of the sts. This would be done on each side of the blanket. You could then cut the connecting strand and pick it out for several sts. These stramds could be woven back in on each side the same way you would weave in any yarn end.
The more I think about it though, i wonder if it’s worth it to do this? Ripping back would definitely be a cleaner solution.