I need help with a fairisle pattern

Hello, I’m doing the throughstone pattern by Bristol Ivy on Blueprint. It is advanced and I have only a few projects under my belt but i thought id keep going. the pattern says “Work Rnds 1–31 of Pocket chart. (Repeat of pocket chart is worked three times per round.)” im uploading a picture of the pattern. I started working the pattern right to left, starting with the beige stitch to the left of the numbers (not the single green stitch to the right of the number). I think now I should have somehow included the single stitch to the right of the number and ill have to begin again. i cant find any reference to this stitch, or why this single stitch is separated from the rest of the pattern by the number. There will be steeking technique used with this, so now i wonder if it has to do with that. ive watched this section of the video tutorial and looked through the written pattern but cant find a reference. Im not sure how to treat it. can anyone guide me in this? I appreciate it! thanks Screenshot 2020-09-07 at 21.04.42

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You should be able to figure this out from the number of sts cast on. The chart shows 6sts before the repeat of 10sts. How many sts have you cast on?
The projects show more than one stitch in the steek which is the usual practice. The initial 6sts in the chart look like the steek pattern.

THanks for the reply! I did have 36 stitches to cast on, and the pattern works out starting where I started (with the beige to the left of the number). I guess my concern is what that single stitch actually is, because in the other charts there are no stitches to the right of the number. These are the insides of the pockets so Im hoping if it is a stitch short i can accommodate later without having to redo

I wonder if it might be a steek stitch at the end of the repeats? You could send a message to the designer and ask. There are comments in the projects about the pockets but not specifically about the chart.
There are a couple of projects where knitters worked the two liners at the same time which seems like a good idea.

Thanks! I didn’t realize there were forums on ravelry for the sweater. I will post there. I did write to the designer but havent heard back. I appreciate the tip! It’s good to know!