I need help with a collar

I am making another little Steppe Sweater and I’ve done the shoulders and am starting the collar. I’ve done one row, but I would like to extend the collar points as I’ve shown on the attachment. I figured I could just increase at the inside edge of the collar, but I’m not sure if I do it on one row then knit around or inc then inc again before knitting around… :?? Or is there a better way to do this? I searched but didn’t see what I was looking for… :thinking:

Hmmmm, for that much increase, I think you’d want to increase on every row.


it might sound silly, but i can’t imagine what it would look like with increases every other row versus every row.

could you knit up a tiny swatch and find out how much increase you like better?

This is very similar to the collar on the polo shirt they did on knitty gritty.

Here is what it says:
Figure D
With size 6 needles and MC, PU 70 (72, 74, 76) sts around edge of collar (figure D). Do not pick up sts along the top side of the placket. Work back and forth as follows: *(K1, inc1, work across to last st, inc1, K1. Purl back.) Repeat for 12 rows. Change to CC2 and continue as established for 3 rows. Change to CC1, work for one row. Change to MC and work additional 2 rows. Work one turning row. BO.


Andee, I knew I saw some info somewhere, but couldn’t remember where. Thanks for remembering! :wink:

I’ll give this a try and see how it works.