I need help winding a hank of yarn

I posted my request for help yesterday and I went to the link but for
WHATEVER reason I cannot get Amy’s video to download.
Can someone give a brief explanation of how to wind a hank. ? I have ten balls of yarn in hanks
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well the way i do it, with a smallish ball (but it does work for a bigger one just not as pretty…or it could be that i don’t try to make it pretty …lol) but i take the outside end and start wrapping it in a figure 8 around my thumb and index finger. (don’t forget to leave the tail out so that you have something to work from!) once it gets too big for my fingers, or as big as i want it to be, i start wrapping around the middle of the figure 8 until the yarn is used up.

that isn’t exactly how Amy’s video shows it but it is essentially the same concept.

a center pull ball is basically as easy

make about 20 wraps around your 3 fingers in a W (not smooshed together)
then hold the loops as a Bundle agains the under side of your Non-Dominant thumb, and softly and gently wrap the next 20 (or so) loops around the end of your thumb and the yarn loops that are at that end
when that segment starts to look full, turn it about a quarter turn, keeping the starter loops at the under side of the tumb
just keep sliding the ball around the thumb so you’re always wrapping a not so full part
eventually you end up doing a little twist for almost every wrap

in the end it looks like a normal ball of Yarn
but you pull the yarn you FIRST wrapped and then held with your thumb
and work from that

I HOPE this sounds reasonable
and not to confusing


[b][color=indigo]Or take an empty TP tube, cut a slit at one end, put the end of the yarn in the slit and wind the yarn around the tube. When done, remove tube. The ball will collapse in on itself for a center pull ball.

Use a prescription medication bottle, put end in the bottle, put on the cap and wind yarn around bottle. When done, remove bottle, open, take out end and begin knitting.

Or find anything that is longish, round and about an inch or so in diameter. Secure the end to it and wind.



Now if your question was how to take a hank and make it into a ball, you need some kind of swift… Someone elses hands or the back of a chair, over a lampshade… to hold the yarn apart. Then you wind the ball in the method of your choice.





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