I need help understanding this knitting pattern!



I’m making the blue sand cardigan and I’ve gotten to the short rows portion. I really just don’t understand what I’m reading. I don’t even know where to start?

I’ve only done short rows once before so I think maybe I’m not understanding?
I don’t get if I’m supposed to use different needles for each side or which stitches I’m supposed to be picking up?
I have no idea where I’m starting the short rows?


Welcome to KH!
Short rows can be confusing to read and are often easier to figure out on the needles. This pattern seems to use German short rows (also called double stitch or ds). Here’s a video.

The stitches picked up may be described on the preceding page. It’s the buttonband sts all around the front edge of the cardigan. The pattern probably recommends a long circular needle because of the large number of sts. Everything is worked on this needle, knitting back and forth.

After knitting 5 rows on these sts (see preceding page) and with the RS facing, work across all sts until you get to the last 2sts before the end of the row, then turn, slip, pull gently and work back to the last 2 sts on the other end of row.

See if that helps get you started.