I need help understanding this cowl pattern! please

Hello, I am working on a cowl pattern from a book and there is one part of the instructions that I dont quite get. I am knitting in the round btw. It says “work 38-st rep of chart 4 times. cont in pat until 20 chart rnds have been worked 3 times.”

The first part I get, because you repeat the chart 4 times to go all the way around the cowl, but its the 20 chart rounds 3 times that I do not understand. Does this mean I am supposed to do 20 complete rounds (4 charts each round) THREE times… so actually 60 complete rounds (which would be soooo long…) or maybe just 20 charts which would be 5 complete rounds but then what does the 3 times mean…or does it mean something completely different? (p.s sorry if I confuse you I am new at using patterns and all this lingo)

Heeellllllllllpppppp s.v.p!
I have already started and completed the chart 4 times, but now I am unsure of how many more I am supposed to do :slight_smile:

It would help to have a link to a picture. But yes, it seems that you do the 20 rounds of the chart 3 times for 60 rows. 38 sts times 4 repeats is 152 sts which sounds about right for a cowl. 60 rows is probably around 10" so that’s not out of line either, even if there’s another inch or 2 at the beginning and end.