I need help understand this pattern if someone could please help me

Hi everyone,

I’m making stylecraft children’s Christmas jumper and
I was wondering if someone could help me with this part of my pattern, it’s just that I’m bit confused with it because it’s say

Ribs 13 rows which I’ve done
Next row say Ive got to rib 5, rib2tog , rib7, rib2tog (9 times ) rib 5 thought with the rib 5 it dosent say if its a rows or do I carry to the end then it’s comes with the total of 84 stiches though Previous I would of have 94 stiches on my needles.
Then change needle to large

Though if anyone could help that would great thankyou😊

Kindly regards


The [square bracket] is showing the different numbers for sizes, looks like you are making the third size.
The (curved bracket instructions) are ALL done as many times as is shown outside this bracket.
So for the third size
Rib 5, rib2tog,
(Rib 7, rib2tog) do ALL that’s in this bracket 9 times
Rib 6,

If it is still not clear please do say as there is lots of help here.

Thank you for help me ,though I still a bit confused though do I do them just on one row or is it like where I do them on drifferent rows 9 times ?

This will be all one row.its a transition row between the rib section and the main body of fabric and it is where the stitch count changes which is often the case on this transition row.

So, work 5 stitches in rib (That’s the 2x2 knit purl pattern you have been doing, if it presents as a knit or V then knit it, if itpresents as a purl or bump then purl it)
Then Rib 2 stitches together (either k2tog or p2tog, dont worry too much about keeping the rib columns on this row as this is the end of the ribbing)
Then the part in brackets:
Rib 7, rib2tog, Rib 7, Rib2tog, Rib 7, rib2tog (I have shown you 3 times here, you need to do it 9 times in total)
Then Rib 6.
That’s all 94 stitches worked , a full row complete, and you have decreased down to 84 stitches.

Perhaps this is clearer.
Again, do ask if you need more help with this or other parts of your project.

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Thankyou for make it simple for me, this should help me to hopeful knit my Christmas jumper by Christmas and I’ll be sure to come back to this site because it’s not easy to research on Google or YouTube. :blush:


You’re welcome.
Ask for as much help as you need, I always do.