I need help translating!

Would one of you fabulous knitters help me with this problem?? (whenever a pattern says this it always stumps me)

[I][U][B]Shape sides: [/B]Dec 1 st each end of next and foll 16th row - 96 (105, 114, 123, 132) sts.[/U][/I]

It’s not the decreasing, it’s the 16th row part. Would it be the 16th row, counting the first dec row as row 1 (it’s actually row 13 of the pattern), or would I dec 3 rows later when row 16 actually occurs?? Does the question make sense??:??

I would read it as the 16th row after the first decrease – not row number 16.

Don’t get stumbled by the [I]pattern row[/I] you are on when starting this decreasing process.

Following the directions…decrease ON THE NEXT ROW (decrease row #1)…then again on decrease rows 17, 33, 49, 65, etc. until the prescribed number of stitches remain.

You’ll need two “row counters”:

  1. for the [I]pattern rows[/I]
  2. for the [I]decrease rows[/I]

In your case, [U]pattern row 13[/U] is also [U]decrease row 1[/U]. :eyes: