I need help to understand this pattern instruction

Hi there folks,

I am relatively new to knitting and have started my first project that isn’t a hat. :knitting:

I’m knitting my daughter a cardigan - Sirdar Tiny Tots 1712. I have completed the front and back but I’m struggling to understand the instructions for the sleeves. I can’t quite figure out how to keep continuity of the pattern for the shaping - I’m hoping someone can give me advice…

The pattern instruction is this:

1st Row: K1, *s2p, k3, rep from * to last 3sts, (s2p) 1times, k1
2nd row: p1, *(p1 winding yarn twice around needle) twice, p3, rep from *to last 3sts (p1 winding yarn twice around needle) twice, p1
3rd row: k1, *s2p dropping extra loops, k3, rep from * to last 3sts, (s2p dropping extra loops) 1 time, k1
4th row: k1, *yrft, s2p, k3, rep from * to last 3sts (yrft, s2p) 1time, k1
From 1st to 4th row sets pattern.
Keeping continuity of patt as set (throughout) inc 1 st at each end of next and every foll 6th row, working inc sts in patt.

What I really need to know is how do I keep continuity of pattern if I am to slip stitches??

I’m very confused by this - have has to rip the sleeve down 4times!! Getting very frustrated!

I hope someone can help :wink: before I give up on it.

Hi and welcome to KH!
Sounds like a very interesting pattern. The easiest way to keep in pattern is to do the initial increases in stockinette stitch and to stay in stockinette until you have enough sts for a complete pattern repeat plus the edge stitch. When you get to 6sts in stockinette stitch at each end of the sleeve for example, you’ll have enough for another pattern repeat.
We’d love to see what this sweater actually looks like if you’d care to post a photo.

Does the pattern give you instructions on how it wants you to do the s2p?i can’t find the pattern so if you have a link it might help.

I, being [I]very [/I]far from expert, find myself confused by your question: you’re slipping sts in one direction, but not in the other, so where’s the problem?
That pattern looks nice and lacey-ish, so st sts and yarn wind-arounds fit into the kind of look.
But pay no attention to me: I’m just curious as to exactly what the problem is …

Thanks Salmonmac…that makes sense. This was probably not the best pattern for a novice to begin with! I will definitely post a photo of the completed cardigan.