I need help to make letters...Please

to use to make raised letters in a scarf background.

I recently saw a sweater knitted with raised sentences over the surface. That gave me the idea to make a scarf very wide (60") & short (6-8")with a sentence running down the middle for my grandson for Christmas.

I have the letter chart. I’ve made a dozen swatches trying to get the letters to appear upraised from the background. I tried a stockinette stitch purling the blocks where the letter stitches are on the graph. The vertical parts of the letters disappear. Is there a better way to do this? (sort of like the designs on wash cloths)

I’ve spent the last 2 days looking at everything I could find on the internet, read the first 17 pages of Help here, & checked out Ravelry. I want to make this sweater all one color with just the letters upraised. I don’t want the sentence to be obvious until you lay the scarf out flat. Is this doable???

Thanks for any help you can give. I’ll go back & try to find the book I saw the sweater in if no one has a solution. I know it’ll work, I just can’t figure out how.

:think: I don’t know… maybe bobbles?

I would try garter stitch letters on stockinette background. I think those kind of dishcloths the ‘picture’ pops out better then reverse stockinette stitch on stockinette.

I think I saw this same question in another section. (general knitting?) I suggested purling across the WS rows and the follow that chart for the RS rows. In other words each row on the chart is two rows on your project.

Now that I read this post, I’m thinking it is just the width of the verticals and not the type of stitches used that is making them disappear. Since your rows are running the length of the scarf you are likely only using one stitch width for the letters. Try doing two stitches for each block of the chart. That will double the stitch count needed, so you might run out of room.

Alternately you can read the chart from bottom to top and use the columns in the chart as rows (across the narrow width of the scarf) to form your letters. Then the purling of the WS rows gives you a natural two row garter ridge for what will be the “vertical” lines of the textured text pattern.


I had posted this in another place & was told I’d probably get more help here. When you read this & added the info about reading the chart from bottom to top I think you solved my problem - not to mention it will be easier to knit this way.:muah: Thanks so much for helping a 2nd time. I’ll post pics when I get this done. My grandson is 7 and he thinks my knitting is great. He loves the feel of the fabrics it creates & asked specifically for a scarf for Christmas.:knitting: You’ve just gotta love a little guy like that!!!
(((HUGS))) Verna