I need help to join a flat pattern into the CIRCLE!

I have a pattern for a hat, that tells me to knit the first part of the ribbed hat on a circular needle, back and forth. Which I do understand, But I cannot figure out how to join and begin working in the round circle???
basically it goes like this
K1P1 for 9 rows
then it says “Place marker and join to begin working in the round”

thanks for any help!

When you get to the end of a row, push the sts at the beginning of the row up on the L needle, then just knit the stitch at the tip.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ajp0QUWYkk They you go…

OK, Im gonna start this now… Still not sure, Im gonna go ahead CO 40 STS and is says working back and forth on the cast on stitches, …??? GONNA TRY!!! :?

this is just to join CO sts in around… this I got, but my pattern says CO 40 then work back and forth on the CO sts for 9 rows… then JOIN???

Yes do the same thing - work flat for 9 rows, then join as if you had just cast on.

I can understand the confusion… why join AFTER 9 rows?

But I’m assuming that they want you to do something with the first 9 rows that you couldn’t do if it was round.

Dunno, some people prefer to knit flat, then join, it’s likely Dell can just CO and do the first 9 rows in the round too.

What’s your pattern? Can you link to it or a picture or name or something? I’m wanting to know if it’s left open at the ends where you work flat or is it later sewn together.

Oh that’s an idea… I think I’ve seen a robin hood type hat, where the ribbing isn’t sewn or joined, but flipped up to make an open cuff.

Sue, part of me always hopes there is a reason for things being as they are. Usually there’s not. lol
I’m waiting for short rows on this one. Wanna bet? I bet 2 knits there will be. ;p

I’ll see your 2 knits and raise you 2 purls!

I’ll see your 2 purls and throw in a slip stitch.

Too rich for my blood… I’m out.

Uh… Wait… what were we betting on? :??

I don’t remember, but who cares? Oh yeah, short rows in the hat pattern, to be or not to be, that is the question.

I have it on my phone but I’m trying to figure out how to copy the picture

You could just tell us the name of the pattern…

I tried to copy pattern but it would not work. The pattern and picture is on www.thevelvetacorn.etsy.com
The jersey hat

Here’s a direct link to the hat.

It’s just ribbed at the bottom so I don’t see why you can’t just cast on and join. It looks like the pattern is just written that way to make it easier, but clearly it’s not for you. :??

I agree with Jan, I don’t see any reason to not join right after the Cast on. It may be that the designer prefers to do it like that. Cute hat!

GrumpyGramma, guess we both lost the bet!