I need help please!

I am trying to knit a Drops Design Pattern 126-16, a lovely waistcoat. I am struggling to understand the Turns 1 section. I have knitted the waistcoat back and am just starting the right front piece. Have got to the bit where it says ‘Work Turns 1’ , I completed the first 8 rows and am now stuck, unfortunately I can’t follow the next four rows of instruction. Can anyone simplify this for me please - I would be very grateful for any help.

Many thanks in advance.

Can you put a link to the pattern so we can look at the rest of the instructions? You’ll need to make a couple more posts, then go back and edit one to add the link.

Hi Suzeeq,

Apologies for not giving the link, I am new to this.

I hope this will work.

Many thanks for your interest.

That’s okay - new posters can’t put in a link right away, it’s to cut down on spam posts that we miss in other ways.

Okay you’re doing what’s called ‘short rows’ to shape this; some of the stitches are worked more rows than other sections to make them longer. Just work the rows exactly as given - turn means turn as if you’re at the end of the row, even though you’re not. When it says ‘work return row’ you knit back over the sts you just did on the previous row to the edge, then turn and start the next row.

Row 1: Work 30-33-36-42-48-54 sts, turn piece.
Row 2: Work return row.
Row 3: Work 27-30-33-39-45-51 sts, turn piece.
Row 4: Work return row.
Row 5: Work 24-27-30-36-42-48 sts, turn piece.
Row 6: Work return row.
Row 7: Work 21-24-27-33-39-45 sts, turn piece.
Row 8: Work return row.

Hi Suzeeq,

Thank you very much for that, I will have another go and see if it makes more sense.

Kind regards

Very nice pattern! Yes, in each of the first 8 rows you worked 3sts fewer. Now you’re going to continue working 3sts fewer in each row before the turn. So the next row is 18sts, turn and work back, 15sts, turn and work back, 12sts, turn, and so on until you get down to 3sts left. Then you want to work across all the sts for 2 rows before repeating the sequece from row 1 again.
Sounds like very pretty shaping on this vest.

Hi Salmonmac,

Thank you for the reply. I have organised this afternoon (Sat)to sit down and have another go at this.

Your time and help is much appreciated.