I need help! Please

I am making mary jane slippers and I wonder if there is a product I can put on the soles to to make them slip resistant so my gifts wont cause a horrible fall? If anyone knows of anything please let me know, it would be much appreciated!


I haven’t used them so I’m not 100% sure these would work with what you’re making, but Fiber Trends sells suede slipper soles. http://www.fibertrends.com/products/203984/Suede_Slipper_Soles

I’ve heard of people putting that puff paint (for fabric) on their soles.

I bought some liquid rubber stuff from JoAnnes.com, that is used for painting on the bottom of rugs. We’re test-wearing it right now. It dried sort of yellowish - so on the white stripes it didn’t look pretty, but on the green stripes it didn’t show at all.

you can also pick up soles at joann’s…