I need help, please!

I have a beret pattern I want to try for my dd. This will be a first for a hat.
The beret starts from the top down. You cast on a total of 16 stitches and do a KFB stitch for increases.

It said for needles, that I needed a PAIR of size 8 dpn’s. A pair??
Then it said to join in the round. How do you do that with 2 needles?
Do they really mean four of them, which would be 2 stitches on each?

That leads me to another question. I have tried in the past to start dpn’s with such small numbers of stitches. I ended up with a knotted mess. Any helpful hints? I honestly couldn’t make out what needle went where.

There’s a video here about small diameter circular knitting that might be helpful.


Pair? Hmmm. I think the pattern writer meant to say set.

Hope this helps,

Maybe I need to work on my technique when it comes to that first row. I tried it with the video and still ended up with a mess. :??

I too agree about the pair meaning a set, I guess we will see.

Thank you for taking the time too answer.

You might have a look at the magic loop or knitting on two circulars methods. The videos are in the same place as the one for knitting in the round on DPNs.

I really really really learned how to work with 2 circular needles from CAT BORDHI! She does use some strange verbal illustrations, but you will NEVER forget them, and most importantly, you won’t forget the lesson. She is an excellent teacher. Please watch:

[B]PART 1[/B]


[B]PART 2[/B]


Now, I can hardly wait to work a hat again!

I hate dpn’s!!! They are so fiddly.

I have to agree with ArtLady & Marria. I used to use the double points, then learned how to use two circular needles. They are [I]so much [/I]easier to use. Once you learn how to knit in the round with them, you’ll never go back to the dp’s! There are less “ladders” to worry about for one thing, and you don’t feel like you’re working with a baby out-of-control octopus with a mind of its own.

What an interesting video! I will have to try that method. I actually dreamed of dpn’s last night and that beret.:teehee:
I love circs and prefer them over dpn’s or straights, but I have never gotten the hang of the magic loop method, another method this hat recommends.

This looks a lot easier. Thanks so much!:cheering: