I need help please

Does anyone understand what I have to do in this patter, it doesn’t make sense on the pattern stitch diagram (it’s the double decrease part):

Row 1 (RS): * k1, yfwd, 1 double dec, yfwd, * rep
from * to *, end with k1.

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What is the name of the pattern?
The pattern should define “double decrease” as there are several ways to work this. For example:
slip 1, k2tog, psso
or as a centered double decrease:

Oh. I was wondering if the yfwd was same as a YO to offset the two decreases?

Like a lace Pat, does the stitch count stay the same?

Or does it decrease rapidly to about half the stitch count in just this one row?!

What is the pattern name and link to or what is source of publishing?


The stitches stay the same, it is a lace pattern. It doesn’t explain what double decrease means. Also what is confusing me is that the pattern diagram doesn’t seem to match the pattern or I’m being really thick!!

It’s not you. There’s a mistake in the chart key. The triangle should be the double decrease. Use the centered double decrease here as shown in the video posted above.

It would be best to edit your post to delete the pattern scan. The link is fine but posting large portions of patterns can cause copyright problems. Use the small pencil icon in the lower right of your post to edit.

Thank you very much for your help and advice x

Just a thought, would it be sl1, k2tog yfd?

That would not be the same as your pattern. It could also have been written k1, yo, double dec, yarn over