I need help please increasing while knitting rib

Good morning

I’m knitting a pull on hat and the instructions state to rib to end as 1st row, inc one st in centre or row to make 70 stitches. My question is, if I’m increasing 1 stitch, do I knit or purl the next stitch after I’ve increased? sorry if this is a silly question.

Many thanks

i think it depends on where this occurs in the pattern. If you been knitting several rows in rib, I wouldn’t alter the rib pattern, I’d just add an extra st to the center rib. if you add an extra st on a purl part of the rib, it’s less likely to show. What is the pattern called or can you tell us a bit more about where you are in the hat pattern?

Hi, thanks for replying. I’m on the 3rd row, I’m just confused, because the instruction is k1, p1 and increase 1 st in centre…

After the increase row, do you continue in the same rib pattern, a different one, or switch to stockinette?

the same rib pattern…

I’m not sure why the pattern wants just one increase after several rows of rib. Read on and see if there are any other increases or if something particular happens later at the rib that has 3 sts. (Does it increase to 4 or more and then divide?) Can you see what the center rib looks like in the picture?
What is the name of this pattern?

Ok… Maybe what the pattern is trying to tell you is that you rib k1,P1 and on the last row of ribbing increase 1 st before you start to work on the pattern in the actual knitting of your work so then YOU would have that 70 stitches… I hope this helps you.

The numbers don’t add up. This rib is a multiple of two. You should have an even number of stitches. If you increase one, you’d end up with 69 or 71 stitches, something like that. Do they maybe want you to increase one stitch on each side left and right of that center point?

It would really help if you can link to the pattern or a picture of it, or tell us what it is, and also what you do next.