I NEED help on tream for knitting

I am making a vest for a co-worker of mine. I found this patteren and it says “Work St st 5”. " what does that mean. See I have not knitted since I was about 6 yrs old. So I don’t know allot of this tream that are coming up on my page. If you can help me email me. Thank

Jean :think: :help:

It means “Work the stockingette stitch for five inches.”

Stockingette stitch is knit 1 row then purl 1 row. Repeat. The right side will be smooth and the wrong side will be lumpy; your work will tend to curl with the purl/lumpy side outside - this is normal.

These instructions mean just do your knit 1 row, purl 1 row for five inches without increasing or decreasing - in otherwords, the side edges are “even”.

In fact, that’s another way to say this: work st. st. even for 5" [work the stockingette stitch even (not increasing or decreasing) for five inches.]

Hope this helps,

PS - Welcome to the Wonderful World of KNITTING! :woot:

Thank you very much. I am teaching myself as I go.