I NEED help on this knitting pattern

I need help on the other part of this pattern. It tells me to knit 1, k into front and back of the next st. What is that suppose to mean. I called to the place were it came from and the woman told me that this pattern came from over seas and they had to put it into our language. So they said that they will get back to me about 2 days. So am stuck. So when I get something back I have to finish up on my other project that I have already started in Crocheting. :knitting:
thanks Jean

hi jean,

if you go to view the videos on this website and then then select ‘knitting terms & abbreviations (glossary)’, scroll down until you find ‘k1 f&b aka kfb’

this should help!

The second stitch is called an “increase” – you are adding a new stitch onto your needle, so the row will be wider than the one underneath it (unless you have a K2tog or some such somewhere on the same row).

You can go here to the video page and look at the increases. The one they are asking for is the KFB about halfway down the page and you can watch the video.