I need help on a knitting patter for mittens!

Hi! I am an intermediate knitter and well I just started knitting mittens I have never made them before but I got his pattern card called Basic Mittens. They want you to use size 7 double pointed needles and this is where I am stuck on. In the pattern after Working in St st for 19 rnds for step 4. it says Place first 7 sts onto scrap yarn for thumb, ( which I did already) and then it says CO 7 sts, and knit to end of rnd? Where do you cast on do you cast on the scrap yarn I am very confused can someone help me?

You CO to the right needle using the knitted or cable CO. Move the needle to your left hand, cast on the sts, then transfer back to your right hand and knit to end of round.

So the right needle with the ball of yarn on the end is the on that you cast on to and then you said something about transferring the needles?

Since the stitches that you slip to the holder are the first 7 in the round, I think you would cast on right there. I mean use the next stitch (the 8th) to do a knitted or cable (actually for a cable increase you knit between the next stitch and the one following it) cast on. Then you would work back over the 7 you cast on and continue on around the round.

I’m really confused sorry! i just don’t really understand because it says to Co 7 sts and knit to end of round but where do I cast on the stitches on which needle??? the right or the left needle?

The needle that you take the 7 stitches off of will be the next doublepoint to the left. I assume you still have more stitches on that needle. That is the one I think you cast on to. Just knit into the next stitch and lift the loop you make onto that needle, it will be in your left hand. Then knit into the new loop you just put on the needle and lift that loop onto the same needle. Keep doing that until you have 7 and then knit those 7 you just added and then go on around the rest of the stitches.

If you are to keep knitting in rounds, I think that would be what you do.

You cast them on to your right needle. The same needle you would have used to work the original 7 sts if you hadn’t slipped them to the scrap yarn holder.

Try what Suzeeq and Spokaloo said. They are probably right. :slight_smile: If that doesn’t work try what I said. LOL