I need help knitting

Um, I am new to the internet and threads etc., but I need help knitting this scarf http://www.helloyarn.com/irishhikingcarf.htm, I am new to knitting, like I have only done very basic patterns, but when I get to the second row, it seems like there are way more stitches on the needle than what I started with. Its like 80 stitches instead of the 42 that i castes on. Am I just totally doing it wrong or is it normal and I just need to know which part of the string to knit?

I may be wrong, but I think you are getting your extra stitches when you move your yarn.

When you knit, your yarn is in the back; when you purl, your yarn has to move to the front (and vice-versa). Make sure that when you move your yarn from back to front, or front to back, that you go BETWEEN the needles. If you go OVER the needles, you make a yarn over, which creates an extra stitch.

There are some great videos on this site, just click on the Videos tab at the top and you’ll get some great tips wherever you might need help!

Ditto on what Wenda said. Check out the videos and try to figure out where you’re adding the extra stitches.

The video that shows ribbing is under Basic Stitch Patterns on the Tips page

Make sure each time you do a stitch that you are only moving one stitch from the left to the right. If you are somehow wrapping the yarn at the time you stitch, you’ll get two stitches. Knit a few stitches and count to be sure you have the same number. Check the videos to be sure you are doing the stitches correctly. Seems like somehow you are creating an extra stitch each time.

Is it possible you are creating extra stitches somehow when you do the cable?

Let us know how you do. Don’t give up.

I’ve made that pattern, and it’s fun and makes a very nice, warm scarf.

I agree that you’re probably creating yarn overs by not having your yarn on the correct side (back for knit, front for purl). It’s a common mistake when first trying ribbing as you have to remember to move it back or front as you change from one stitch to the other.

When I first started knitting, I kept increasing accidentally at the beginning of rows and when I had to switch between knits and purls. I agree with all of the other posters! Just know that you are not alone and we all have a hard time in the beginning! :hug:


I was very confused about ribbing (alternating between knits and purls on the same row) my first time I tried doing it too. Make sure you have the working yarn (NOT the tail) in the back for knits, and in the front for purls, and make sure you are moving it BETWEEN the needles, not over the needles (like I did :slight_smile: ) good luck, and it’s a very nice scarf, I may knit it myself! Also, watch the video on cables on here for when you get to them.

I think the same thing is happening to me. I started knitting yesterday and now I have way more than I started with. I am not purling though, as I am just copying a video I saw on you tube that just showed how to knit. I spoke to my mom earlier and she told me about purling.
Can this be rectified or should I take it off now?

You can change the number of sts by decreasing, but your edge probably wouldn’t be straight.