I need help! I need 850 X-mas mini socks

I have posted a KAL in the charity forum but Not everyone goes there so I 'm putting out a plea in here :hug: I need 850 mini Christmas socks to send to our troops over seas.Please go check it out and help me and Becky meet the goal of 850.If everyone on here just knit or crocheted ONE sock we would have met our goal:cheering: and then some.Can’t have to many:teehee: There is a EASY PATTERN to use.These guys need our help,some get NO x-mas gifts at all.
So head on over to the Charity site and PLEASE help us out.
Thank you!!!
And thanks to you who have already volunteered :cheering:

Here’s the link. :wink:

I have 16 people knitting socks so far:woohoo::woot:
But we need 850 socks :noway: by Nov 30th ( everyone mails to me and then I mail them to Becky so she can mail them by Dec 10th .
Just ONE sock from some more people

Just bumping this up :teehee:

send me the drop point (please)
so i can send u any I get done

We are still in need of more knitters we still have a long way to go by Nov 30 Help say by knitting just ONE sock from everybody on KH
A big to the 25 people who are knitting their fingers to the bone trying to reach our goal of 850 socks

I want to try. I can’t get to that pattern from this computer and i was going to the store after work and didn’t want to drive all the way home then drive all the way back by my work. What do i need so i can get started right away? (weight of yarn and aprox. size of needles)

nephnie- Thank you :hug: I am using worst weight Red Heart (cheap)yarn and size 3 needles, if you are a loose knitter then get size 2 needle,I am a tight knitter. Thank you again and be sure to join us over in the Charity group.We will help you all we can:cheering::hug:

All you need is some extra worsted weight yarn, any yarn, any color, and size 3 needles. You can knit in the round like some people or knit flat and seam up. hope that helps!

Just bumping this up:teehee:

Oh! I thought the deadline had passed! I can’t promise anything, but I’ll print out a pattern and see what I can do!