I need help getting started with knitting

Good Evening Everyone, I am new to the website and I want to begin knitting. I am from the Long Island area and have been trying to find somewhere I can go for classes. Since I haven’t been able to find where I can take classes, I’ve been watching videos online. I’m confused though on the supplie I need. Can someone please help me. I’m not sure what to buy, what I shouldn’t buy. Are their different kinds of needles and which one I should get? Which type of yarn orbrand is better? Does it depend on what I want to make? Please help me. Thank you to who ever is taking time to read this.

I think to learn a set of US 8 or 9 needles (bamboo is nice and not too slippery) and some smooth, light colored yarn would be all you need.

Once you get the hang of it there’s all kinds of things you’ll want including a set of interchangeable needles. :wink:

I’m sorry that there seem to be no yarn shops near you. Maybe the ones I just found on an Internet search (“Long Island” yarn shop) are simply in the wrong locations for you. sorry

With regard to needles and yarns, learn to cast on, knit and purl, and cast off (bind off), as Jan in CA recommends. The videos on this very site are very helpful! Look at them as often as you like.

Then, to branch out, you might want to read other forums here about tools and equipment as well as search around on Ravelry (ravelry.com) about additional reviews of needles and yarns.

Enjoy! (from another pretty new knitter) :slight_smile:


When I began, I started with some acrylic yarn and a pair of straight needles. I just practiced casting on, knitting, purling, stockinette and garter st.

Get a light color yarn, rather plain, and needles to practice with. When you have practiced a bit, pick an easy project and keep on going. The yarn you pick will have a notation on it telling you what size needles to get. Sometimes you might need a bigger or smaller needle than recommended, depending on how tightly you need. But that won’t become an issue unless you are doing a garment that you need to fit.

I used this booklet and learned the basics and it has a few simple projects.

There are tons of great videos here on this site and on youtube as well.

Good luck and happy knitting!

Also, some of the “big box” craft stores give knitting lessons, too.

Sorry you can’t find a local class. Have you checked the library?? Our local library has both knitting and crocheting groups that meet once a month. Maybe yours is offering something like this.

Couldn’t hurt to ask!!

Another option might be to visit a Senior Citizens center. It’s a place where seniors go to learn computers, have luncheons, and just hang out. There’s got to be somebody there who knits and is willing to show you how. Check with some churches. Many churches are knitting prayer shawls. My ELCA Lutheran church has a group of ladies that meet once a month just to hang out and work on them. You don’t need to be religious to go to one of those meetings. The ladies work on other things, too, like baby sweaters for layettes for third world countries. You may find yourself a niche where you can make a difference in somebody else’s life.