I need help finding this pillow pattern

Does anyone know how to get this book in the USA? Or have you seen a similar pillow pattern??:pray::pray:

Please see the link below and scroll DOWN until you see the gorgeous ROLL pillow.


I LOVE it.:muah::muah::muah: I appreciate any help you can give me.:hug:

I can see why that caught your eye! It’s a beautiful pillow. I had no look in finding it in the US. Perhaps you could order it from a UK source, have it sent to someone in the UK, and they could mail it to you??

I googled around and kept coming up with Romantic Stylefor the USA… so I went to knitpicks where I had seen that book the other day… and it is in there… :happydance:

If you click on view more images you will see it…:blooby:

Thank you!! I see the pillow in there.:cheering:

I just bought the book on Ebay since they had the lowest price. I can’t wait to see that pillow picture up close.

I was just checking out KPC’s new list and seen this now you can get the pattern for free…just in case anyone else was looking for it…:blooby:

Your right!! I cannot believe the pattern is FREE now when I just bought the whole book for ONLY that pattern.:noway: OH well…it is a nice book. I’m still plugging away on knitting the pillow. I’ll post when it is finished.

I’m knitting this victorian pillow in sections. Then I will gently stitch them into one piece. Here is a picture of half of one of the ends. When I began this section I had NO idea how this was going to end up looking like it was suppose to but after the first twenty rows…I could SEE that it was just like it was suppose to be.:cheering:

[I][COLOR=“Teal”]I really like that pillow, and I really like the other one too…ROSE BUTTON CUSHION
that one is really pretty too…[/COLOR][/I]

[I][COLOR=“Teal”][SIZE=“4”]I love your pillow…will you be making 2 or just one and sew on pillow…nice job…[/SIZE][/COLOR][/I]

I’ll be making just the one victorian roll pillow. I’m almost done with the one end that I posted the picture of earlier today. Its coming along nicely. I hope it comes out as well as I hope. The pattern is easy so far.:woot: