I need help finding a pattern

I would like to find a pattern w/ some specific details for my 1 yr old (she wears a 2T though). I would like a mock wrap dress or v-neck with sleeves, short or long. I know enough knitting to modify a sweater or top to become a dress, but I can’t find a mock wrap dress or v-neck that I can modify to look wrapish. I don’t care if it’s a pay or free pattern…I just want to make this!! Thanks!

I did a pattern search on ravelry for a wrap dress…there is one in thisbook not sure if it’s what you are looking for or not…the book’s website doesn’t show a photo of the wrap dress…you may check with your library or maybe e-mail them and see if they can provide you with a photo (if your on ravelry you can see it there)

There might be one in thislist of free patterns too…:thumbsup:

Thanks for the links. I asked for a Ravelry invite. I’ve never heard of them before. But I need a new message board like a hole in my head!
A pattern from any book is welcome. I just REALLY wanna make dd this dress and I have no design skill!

Ravelry is way more than a message board. You can search for patterns, yarn, see how a pattern looks in different yarns, trade, etc.

This site has a huge range of basic patterns.
Childs Dresses here.
Childs Sweaters, including vee neck.
Could you put something together from those?
Change the dress neckline, using sweater vee neck as a guide?
Charting patterns out on graph paper is good for working out that sort of thing.


This is the specific dress I would like to copy, but I’m not finding a pattern at all for a mock wrap neckline like that w/ the raglan type sleeves. I want different colors, ect, and I’d like to do a fair isle chart near the skirt, but I love the detail of that neckline and it’s a simple pretty dress for church or something. I can’t afford $80 for a dress my dd might be able to wear 2 or 3 months.
I can’t make heads or tails of those knit calculators. I will go back and see if I can find what I"m looking for. Thanks!

Would this help at all?

Of course, you’d have to either add sleeves or let her wear a top under it…
Karen G
in GA

I saw that pattern. I may actually use that one and try to add sleeves. I was able to email the dressmaker finally and she explained that the dress started as a ballet sweater, she just crossed over the wrap and knit into both stitches to make it a dress. :doh So, now I’m just searching for a top down, raglan ballet sweater! Still can’t find it :banghead Oh well!

How about this one?

Thank you for your help! I’ve found this site http://www.woolworks.org/patterns/raglan.html
and decided to go ahead and just jump into learning to design for myself. I think I will be much more pleased w/ myself if it’s my own creation anyway! Thank :muah: