I need help finding a pattern for Cotton Ease Yarn

I am looking for a simple Pullover or Cardigan for my daughter. She wears a ladies size small. I have 14 skeins of Cotton Ease I purchased a few months before it was discontinued. The color is Bluebell. I think it is really a pretty color. I have been knitting for almost 2 yrs., but I still consider myself a novice.
I have made lots of things and I can read and understand patterns. I have made socks with the help of Amy’s Video. I was so happy I wanted to frame them. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I also taught myself to use 5 DPNs. I have not made any larger things, but I would like to try. If anyone could help or know of a pattern I could use, I would appreciate it. Take care and have a nice day!!


It’s a worsted weight yarn, so you could look through the patterns at www.knitty.com or www.knittingpatterncentral.com to see if there’s something you like there.

Here’s one:

I have made this personally, so I can say that it is a nice pattern, easy to follow, AND very minimal finishing because the sleeves and body are joined once you reach the armholes and done in one piece all the way to the neckline.

I didn’t really like mine in the end because of the yarn I used (100% acrylic) and I didn’t like the color I chose, but if I’d had cotton ease like the pattern suggested I think I would have liked it a lot better.

I do recommend this pattern though! :thumbsup:

Thanks so much Ingrid and Knitqueen. I am going to try the pattern at Knitty. com. It will be a really great first time sweater/cardigan… I have been searching for a pattern that uses Cotton Ease so this will be a nice pattern to use. Thanks again. Have a great day!!