I need help deciphering this pattern please help!!!

Hi my name is justin and I’m a fairly new beginner. I’m working on knitting a pair of jogger pants (my first pair) and I purchased this pattern on Etsy. I have made contact with the pattern creator and I haven’t heard back from them about helping me out. So I could use some wise eyes to help me decipher it.

This is the first part and I have already done my cast on. I am having a problem understanding if I’m supposed to be working in the round or working flat. I’m assuming flat since the pattern calls for a stitch marker to show the beginning and the end.

“Using 5 mm circular needles and the Cable Cast On method, CO 120 (132, 148) sts, pm to mark the beginning and end.
Row 1 - 16: K1, p1 repeat ** to end.
Row 17: k1, p1 for 26 sts (30, 34), the next 8 stitches create two holes that will allow you to put the drawstring through when the piece is complete; they should lay in the front, center of the joggers - BO next 2 sts, k1, p1, k1, p1, BO next 2 sts, continue in k1, p1 ribbing pattern until the end of the row.”

My next Issue is understanding this portion of the pattern

“ Row 23: Pick up the bottom cast on edge and fold behind work so that the RS is showing on both sides. Line up the sts so that you can k2tg, p2tg, through Row 22 and the cast on edge to complete row 23, repeat ** to end. This creates a double-brimmed waistband allowing the drawstring to tighten the joggers when worn.”

I’m very unclear on what this is asking me to do so any help or guidance is greatly appreciated

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What is the name of your pattern and the name of the designer?
Usually patterns in the round tell you to “join in order to knit in the round” and the rows then become rounds. On the other hand, if you’re knitting in rows there isn’t a need to mark beginning and end of a row.
Read the next instructions and see if there is anything about joining for knitting in the round. You can also skip to the end to Finishing and see if the instructions there help. There may be instructions for seaming that will tell you whether this is knit in the round or flat.

Row 23 is giving you directions for a tube or hem. Here’s a video that may help. I like picking up the cast on sts with a smaller needle because it ensures that you don’t skip any sts.

Here’s one other that shows the kind of tube you’re making for a drawstring.

@salmonmac the name of my pattern is “the not for jogging joggers” by KnitoriousKnits.

And thank you sooooo much that helps a lot

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