I need help deciphering some instructions

Can you decipher these directoins for me? This is partial directoins for knitting a baby blanket from the corner.

With size 15 needle and Main color, loosely cast on 4 stitches. Knit 2 rows.
Increase row: K2, *yo, knit to end.
[B]Repeat increase row to 62 stitches Work 1 row as K1, K2tog,yo, knit to end.[/B]

I’m just not understanding this. Does it mean to do the increase row, then Work 1 row as K1, K2tog,yo, knit to end? (alternating every other row?) And shouldn’t I knit one row in between every increase row?


It’s telling you to (K2, yo, knit to end) on EVERY row until you get to 62 stitches. You do not want to knit even on alternate rows, or you’ll wind up with yo holes going down just one side of the blanket. Once you get to 62 stitches, then you do the next row, K1, K2tog, YO, knit to end. That is a work even row. Then I would imagine the next row has you start decreasing again.

gotcha! Thank you so much!

I’m trying to learn how to read instructions and I don’t understand why they said

K2, *yo, knit to end.

instead of

*K2, yo, knit to end.

I thought you were supposed to start repeating at the star. Don’t tell me different books write the instructions differently. oh lordy. ha ha
Is there a video teaching how to read instructions?

Thanks. :slight_smile: Leah

Ya know, I didn’t even notice the star, to be honest. I just did a shawl with that same pattern stitch (K2, yo, knit to end). I would guess it’s a typo.