I need help altering a pattern for a larger size

Hi there! I’m still a fairly amateur knitter even though I started as a kid. I recently made a toddler sweater for my nephew using a pattern I found on YouTube. I have tried contacting the creator of the pattern but with no success. I was hoping someone here would be able to help me alter the pattern so I can knit an adult sized sweater. I’m not sure how to resize it.

Here’s the link to the video I used:


I think as a new knitter it would be much more straight forward to find a pre-existing pattern which you like and work from that rather than trying to resize a child’s pattern.
As the top you want to make is quite plain stocking stitch there will be lots of basic patterns available for you to choose from. That way all the measurements and stitch count is all worked out for you. It could match the child’s sweater if that was what you were hoping for. (Some patterns list sizes for both children and adults on one pattern).

Here’s a couple of examples of a free patterns (I only picked out a couple of women’s sweaters but there a mens and gender neutral too)

You can search on ravelry

If there are parts of a pattern you aren’t sure about you can ask here and there are lots of video tutorials how to do things which can help too.


Was it the boatneck look that you wanted to recreate?

Otherwise, if you just want a plain raglan jumper, there are lots of adult patterns available, including free ones.

I’m afraid I don’t have the time to watch the video, but if you can tell us how this one is knitted, we can help you find one similar.

For example, is it knitted top down? Seamed (made in pieces) or in the round?

Edit: Never mind, I found a link with that information:

It’s knitted bottom up, in pieces.

There aren’t many patterns written for seamed raglans these days because they are well suited to knitting in the round, but I did find this free one from Lion Brand. It has a lace detail on the raglan lines, but that is easily changed. (Just do the raglan decreases like you did on the YouTube pattern instead.)

And add ribbing at the neckline.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you so much! Yes I’ve been searching for patterns that are seamed because I haven’t had much luck finding the appropriate needles to knit in the round (I found a pattern I liked but it is knit in the round) and this toddler sweater pattern was perfect so I was hoping I could just resize it after an unsuccessful search for similar patterns for adults. I shouldve mentioned that it is for a male and it was men’s raglan sweaters seamed which I was struggling to find hence the decision to try and resize the toddler pattern. I have double pointed needles and I know they can be used to knit in the round but I don’t have experience using them for that technique and I know I will mess up. Did you come across any men’s sweaters knit bottom up seamed that you could point me towards? I’m trying to make a sweater for a friend for his birthday and it’s coming up quite soon

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This is a nice one which several forum members have knit. Of course, you can omit the initial if you want.

There are even some simple variations that might appeal. A search on Ravelry turned up some more that you might consider.

Thank you so much for these!

Lots of free mens patterns from Drops too

You might fancy a different stitch or neck line perhaps.