I need help again

Okay I’ve run into a problem and here it is

So when I knit row 3 which it goes like 1st row but I do it 3 times well when I get to the last stitch it equals to 10 increase but any ways. On the second time doing the third row it puts mevon the wrong side and when I knit and I look at the stitches it starts to garter stitch and it effects the stockinette stitch cause in row 2 and 4 are just purl can some one help me

Also here what it looks like


“Row 1- KFB,SM,KFB, Knit 1 before the next marker repeat beteewn” 2 more times KFB,SM,KFB (8 increases)"

Typically in a raglan, there are 8 stitches increased every other row. Row 3 should be exactly like row 1 but there will be more stitches between markers. That doesn’t matter. You knit to the stitch before the marker, kfb, slip the marker, and kfb again, then knit to the stitch before the next marker. Make sure you only have 4 markers on the needle.

You don’t do row 3 twice, all the WS rows between the increase rows will just be purled - not knit, which it looks like you did.

Oooh okay so just purl on the side that I’m on what about the increase do I knit them??

When you make an increase on a knit row, it becomes a knit stitch too, and would be purled on the next row.

Purl all the stitches on the WS rows including the increases. If you knit all the sts on the RS rows you’ll continue the stockinette stitch pattern. Put a marker on the RS row as a reminder to knit when you’re on that side.
You shouldn’t have an increase of 10sts across any row. It should always be an increase of 8sts each increase row. See if you can find the extra increase as you look at the last row.

Okay so knit like row 1 but when I get the ws I purl and do a purl increase is that right

You don’t [I]make[/I] any increases on the purl rows, if that’s what you mean. The increases from the knit rows become a stitch like the est of the knits done on that row so they would all be purled. Maybe it would help if you realize that the back of a knit stitch is a purl, the back of a purl stitch is a knit. Just work the stitches however they look on the WS rows - they’ll all look like purls so you purl them.

Here’s how it goes -
R 1, knit with increases
R2, purl, no increases
R3, knit with increases
R4, purl, no increases
and so on… All the odd rows are knit with increases, all the even rows are purl with [I]no increases[/I].

Thank you so much now that makes more sense :slight_smile: