I need help..........again

I’ve messed up my knitting but only released after I had been knitting for ages! I have put two pictures below, the first is just to show you how I am getting on, the second you will see where I went wrong. Now, becuase of my error my knitting has turned inside out! What should I do? Please help me.


I’d say to frog back unless you feel the purl bump is a design feature. :slight_smile:

How do I go back on it? Just unwind it until I get to where I need to? I’m worried that I will end up dropping loads of stiches. This is my first proper project and really want to get it right.


Yes you may drop stitches. In fact at that point you may decide to frog back to the beginning. It’s happened to all of us - especially in the beginning. Just the nature of the hobby at times. :slight_smile: Either way enjoy the process. Even if you do decide to start over, you’re still learning and practicing so it isn’t wasted time.

Thank you for your advice ladies - I went back on myself, no dropped stiches so am back on track, phew:happydance:

You can take out your needles, rip back to a row above where the purl ridges started, then put the sts back on the needles one by one as you take the yarn out of each stitch. See the videos for Fixing Mistakes on the Tips page.

I think what happened is that when you picked it up again, you started knitting with the yarn on the left needle and away from you instead of closer to you.

:thud: :thud: Way to go!