I need help again!

I posted a few days ago that I needed some little girl hat patterns and someone suggested Debbie Ware. Well, I bought her patterns, but she neglected to include the fact that the embellishments on the hats are not included in the patterns. She wants $20 extra for them and I am going to try and make them myself. Does anyone have a pattern that makes small flowers to sew onto projects, ie you have a pattern for a girl’s sweater and it has little knit flowers sewn on or something like that. They need to be small. I think I can recreate the cherries and stems using icord and winding them into a circle, but the flowers may be stimeying me. Thanks for any help! Oh and it is good to be back in here!

If you can crochet, here are some:


If they must be knit, I also found these:

Thanks, I found the flower selection on knitting pattern central and think I can just adapt smaller flowers from it. Thanks again!

That’s what I was about to post