I need help (again)! Finishing Hat on DPN's

I have a couple inches to go until my hat is finished but I need help on how to decrease I’m using a pattern just as a general guide line but I don’t have the exact yarn etc…I just need someone to explain in a [U]simple[/U] way how to finish it (decreasing and weaving in ends).

In order to have even decreases, you have to do a little math
If the number of stitches is divisible by 10, for example, you could start with k8, k2tog all the way around; then knit one round plain.

For the next decrease, you’d k7, k2tog followed by one plain round.

If you prefer a slower decrease (for a more pointed hat) you’d start with a higher number pf stitches between decreases. For a more rapid decrease (for a rounder top) you’d start with more decreases per round.

If you can’t find a number that is easily divisible for your number of stitches, decrease to a more even amount on the round before you start your decreases.

Keep doing thus until you’ve got about 5-10 or so stitches left. Cut your yarn about 18" long, thread it on a blunt-tipped needle and put the yarn through the stitches on the needle. Take out the needles, pull tight like a drawstring. Put the sewing needle down through the hole and weave it in around the inside of the hat.

Ohh I see okay so I have 55 stitches on 3 needles so about 18 on each so I’d knit 14 then 2 together? I’m sorry I’m a little slow and new to this lol.

If you decrease with 55 to start, your decreases won’t line up nicely.

I’d suggest starting with k9, k2tog since 55 is divisible by 11.

If you want to start with more stitches between, you could decrease one stitch somewhere between now and the first decrease round and then work the k16, k2tog to start with since that goes into 54 evenly.

Remember, each decrease row will decrease the number of stitches between the k2tog’s. So if you started with k16, k2tog then you’d go to k15, k2tog; k14, k2tog, etc. That’s important so you have a nice line of decreases at the top of the hat.

Ohhh I see okay I get it thank you for the info! :slight_smile: