I NEED HELLLPPPPP pleasseee! lol

Ok so anyone who can help me with this I will be forever grateful lol I recently started a pattern for making a beautiful wrap around shawl. But I’m TOTALLY stumped on the part about how to make the flowers.

So this is how the pattern reads:

Small Rose (make 4):

Cut a 36” long piece of B.

Unroll the yarn so that the edge with a row of holes is visible. Treat the row of holes as a chain. Insert the crochet hook into the first hole, skip 2 holes, insert hook into next hole, pull this st through the first st on the hook. Continue to chain in this manner across the piece of yarn. Finish by pulling end of yarn through last st. Roll ruffle to create a rose. Cut an 18” piece of A, thread onto yarn needle. Sew through rolled rose in several places to secure.

Like ok what the heck?! Lol so if anyone could break it down for me and help me or make a youtube video that would be awesome! Thanks in advance for any help!!

If it’s that ruffle yarn, there’s a row of holes along one edge that you can use to put a hook through. Crocheting by yanking up the loose strand would be one way to handle it, but not the easiest by a long shot.

If I were you, I’d just thread a piece of matching (regular!) yarn through the holes, pull it up enough to gather the ruffle and roll it.