I need H-E-L-P!

Good morning! I’m new to this board, and just as new to knitting. I have learned how to cast on, knit and purl, and that’s all. I was thrilled to find all the dishcloth patterns from Dishcloth Botique, since they will allow me to learn new stitches and techniques without getting in over my head with a large project.

Now for my problem. I’ve started Little Houses on page 4 of the free dishcloth patterns, and my work does not look like the picture. I diligently studied the online tutorial for the SSK stitch here, and am doing it just like the video shows. But I’m wondering why I’m not getting the same look as the picture in the pattern. Do I need to insert the left needle into the back of the slipped stitches instead of the front?

Here is a link to the pattern on page 4; it is called Little Houses:

And here is a picture of my work so far. I have just finished Row 12:

If anyone has a clue as to what I’m doing wrong, please holler. Thanks so much!

Oh, and if it looks like I’m on the right track but the design just isn’t coming through yet, please let me know that as well. I feel an Excedrin moment coming on! My stitches are not very uniform, I know that, but I’m hoping that will improve with practice.

I think it looks like you’re probably doing everything right but you just haven’t knit far enough to see the pattern clearly. Take a deep breath and trust the pattern and Amy’s videos…keep going, hopefully you’ll start to see the pattern more clearly in a few rows. Plus when your tensions starts evening out that’ll help too.

Good luck and welcome! :muah:

Oh, wow, that was fast! Thanks so much for your response, I’ll do as you suggest and keep working on it. I really, really appreciate your taking the time to answer my post.

It looks to me like the little roofs are starting to form so it looks good to me!

How’s it going? Make sure to post a pic when you’re done, so we can “ooooh” and “aaaahh” :happydance:

I’ts coming along pretty good, but I missed a stitch somewhere and since I don’t know how to fix mistakes, I just did a YO to add a stitch back on. LOL

They really do look like houses, and you were right – I just hadn’t done enough of the pattern to see it develop yet. Sure wish I had a neighbor who knits so I could learn how to fix my booboos. Oh well, I’ll get the hang of this yet.

I’m afraid there won’t be any oohing and aahing over this little guy; but on the other hand, his mission in life is just to clean dishes so how perfect does he have to look anyway? :teehee:

Okay, I finished my dishcloth but I’m NOT going to post a pic because I made too many mistakes. Ordinarily I would rip out my work and fix it, but I forced myself to keep going and just make adjustments. This was to be a learning tool, not a work of art. :doh: At least I love the color!

It was a lot of fun and I would love to make it again sometime, after I’ve made some of the other patterns and mastered more stitches.

Thank you all for your HUGE help and encouragement!!

I just took a peek at your houses from the link in your sig. I think the dishcloth looks great! It looks like this was your first time with yos and decreases and honestly…even with mistakes here and there it looks really great. And your tension looks so even, especially for a beginner!

Be proud! :cheering:

By the way your scarves look great also…and that basketweave cloth!
Congratulations :cheering:

ETA–PS, I think it’s beautiful that you’re learning to knit as a living memorial to your mom :hug:

Aw, thanks so much! You made me feel a LOT better about my messy dishcloth. I’ll keep plugging, I know that practice will make a huge difference and someday I’ll look back at this dishcloth and smile. :slight_smile:

I agree - those are most definitely houses! If only all dishcloths were that pretty…

that is beautiful!!!

I am so jelious!!!

why oh why cant I learn!!! :shrug: