I need gusset help for shorties and longies


I have knit several pairs of shorties and longies for my kids. However, everytime I do I end up with a huge ladder between one side of my gusset and the pants. I’m not really sure what I am doing wrong. I have been going back and seaming the gap together after the project is completed. (Which is a big pain :wall:)

Here is a picture of the ladder that I keep getting. I have tried knitting the gussets with different stitch markers and with no stitch markers and still end up with the ladder.

The pattern says:

Knit to marker 1 , slip marker, kfb, knit to 1 stitch before second marker, kfb, slip marker, knit to back marker 1, slip marker, kfb, knit to one stitch before back marker 2, kfb, slip marker, knit to end of round.

You repeat this for the appropriate number of rows depending on the size.

Somebody help me figure out what I am doing wrong.

Thanks in Advance,


Have you tried washing and/or blocking them before you sew up the ladder? That usually solves the issue for me. I have had this come up on other things and one way I have worked around it is to slip stitches around as I knit, so that the “gap” isn’t always in the same place. But generally they have fixed themselves just from wash and wear.

Oh, another thought was to watch your tension in that spot since you know it is a problem area. Make sure to pull your tension tight enough.


I’m not sure what is happening, but I have a couple of questions. I think you are knitting in the round. Is this the case? Does this laddering occur at each place you make increases? Or is it only happening at one of the places you do an increase? Is that possibly also the place where you change needles? I was wondering too if they have you increase on each round?

I was trying to get your result on a sample, but I’m not knitting in the round so I’m probably not going to get your result.

BTW your yarn is really pretty! That [U]would[/U] be a pain having to sew up where you are not supposed to have a seam. :frowning: Answer these questions and maybe I or someone else will be able to get an idea. Thanks.