I need dog help!

Good mornin’ KHer’s!

I have a problem. I’m baby-sitting a friends dog and she’s a 3 lb Chihuahua. I think she went into heat last night. She wasn’t feeling well last night and then during the night she had an accident in the bed. It didn’t smell like poo, but was brown with blood.

I have a boy dog who has been fixed and me and DH have never had to deal with this. So. . . is there something we do? (DH asked it there were doggie tampons :roflhard:)

Please help! We’re two helpless dog-sitters!

They have doggy diapers, the one I use when my Pomeranian is in heat looks like it has denim fabric on the outside and it has a panel that you can put a regular panty liner in. It won’t help the poo problem but at least she won’t be bleeding all over. I got mine at Petsmart, and it cost just under $9. I would take her in to try it on before you buy it though, if you can. I got one size too small and my poor dog couldn’t walk right, LOL! So I had to take it back. I would still keep an eagle eye on your dog, where there is a will there is a way. Keep them in seperate rooms if you do not want pups! Good luck!

P.S. never mind just read your doggy is fixed, LOL! no puppy worries there. Watch her outside though, dogs WILL come out of nowhere!

Im a technician at a veterinary clinic, and bloody loose stool can sometimes be confused for a heat cycle. If she is eating normally, and drinking plenty of water, then you’re most likely right on the money about her being in heat. A doggie diaper will work well to control the mess, and definetly beware of intact males. They’ll smell her a mile away, and not even fences will stop them from getting to your pooch.
If she is acting oddly in any other way, she may have a bit of a tummy ache. The fact that her owner is gone may be the cause, but a quick trip into the vet with a stool sample will rule out any intestinal parasites. Good luck!